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There are a number of benefits in utilising CMA's expertise and experience for any event, function or initiative that involves the art form of Caribbean music. CMA has a number of well known DJ's as part of their membership base who all have the experience, knowledge and competence to supply music to meet a variety of needs and requirements. Many of these DJ's are successful within their own right. CMA also has the ability to offer sponsors advertisement at various events.

CMA can offer the following services if required:

  • Supply DJ's and equipment for events - CMA will need to define the customer's requirements and shall require a written statement of the specific requirements. CMA shall submit costs and proposal's based upon the written request. Any services provided through CMA shall be provided upon a contractual basis. CMA can also offer limited DJ services outside of the UK.
  • Static or Mobile Sound Systems - CMA can supply static or mobile Sound Systems with or without DJ's to cater for a variety of needs.
  • Event Management - CMA can provide event management expertise to ensure events run smoothly.
  • Training - CMA can provide a variety of training to people who are potential DJ's or would like training to become a DJ.
  • Floats for Carnivals and Outdoor Events - Due to experience and expertise, CMA can provide anything from a DJ to complete float for all other Carnivals within the UK. All floats provided with risk assessments and competent individuals for the services provided. CMA can also provide Health and Safety briefings utilising their On The Road Code of Practice.
  • Consultancy - CMA can offer consultancy to a company or organisation for Caribbean Music and for events associated to the benefit of the Caribbean Music art form.
  • Sponsorship - CMA can advertise a company or organisation through sponsorship as part of their own planned events or events where CMA have a presence.

The CMA Management are willing to discuss any of the services we can provide.

For further information on any of the services we provide contact CMA:

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