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This organisation is one of the five arenas that form the Notting Hill Carnival Limitedand as a full member you have a number of opportunities to help influence the futuredevelopment of the Notting Hill Carnival.As a full member you are able to contribute ideas and suggestions that would make futureNotting Hill Carnivals even more of an attractive event.Full members who are part of the CMA executive you can expect to attend the regularplanning meetings held jointly with the executive of the other 5 arenas and the CarnivalBoard to influence CMA's role in the Notting Hill Carnival.

CMA is the organisation that oversees the music accompaniment for the MAS bands and performance units around the Notting Hill Carnival route and so there are numerous opportunities to be associated with that. If you are a DJ, own your own sound system or have a live band and love Caribbean music then there is always a need for your services at Carnival time as well as the rest of the year round.

Besides the annual Notting Hill Carnival which is the last weekend in August, there are other events you can be actively involved including the annual Black tie dinner and dance, the annual Sunday Lime and Christmas Social either as a DJ, sound system owner as well as event planner, and training and advisory roles.One of the benefits of the being a full member of CMA is the Soca Road March competition which is over the 2 days of the Notting Hill Carnival, where you get to develop and demonstrate your skills at presenting your sound system on the move.

The Caribbean Music Association is currently developing new areas for full member sto be involved in and benefit from as this is how the organisation is able to grow and progress, so now is your chance to be involved, especially if you love and care for the development of Caribbean Music.

To join the Caribbean Music Association,send an email to info@caribbeanmusicassociation.co.uk or write to P.O Box 863, Wembley , Middlesex HA0 9BY.

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Caribbean Music Association is an organisation promoting Caribbean music in all its art form.

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