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The Caribbean Music Association (CMA) is the official body for playing mobile music on the road at Notting Hill Carnival and is one of the largest membership groups of DJs in the UK. Professional throughout, this group of DJs has a vast array of expertise and experience related to any event, function or initiative that involves the art form of Caribbean music and carnival events.

The membership base includes well known DJs with the experience, knowledge and competence to supply music to meet a variety of needs and requirements to promote any event, musician or singer. Some have large audiences and listeners from their work in commercial and local community radio stations which can be used to promote and launch any event. With up to 2 million visitors to the Notting Hill Carnival, the Caribbean Music Association mobile performance units and DJ's are the voice of the carnival.

What's On

Caribbean Music Association Park Lime - 16th Anniversary

Caribbean Music Association's Annual Park Lime is scheduled every year in July. This year is our 16TH ANNIVERSARY... SUNDAY 23RD JULY 2023 ...

03:04 PM Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Update : CMA Park Lime - 15th Anniversary

Caribbean Music Association organises a free event every year for the carnival community and local residents of Notting Hill during the month of July....

12:00 AM Tuesday, 14 June 2022

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